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Volunteering and Professional Experience

ECOTRACKERS NETWORK is a non-profit organisation where students, volunteer and specialist from all over the world, learn how to preserve the biodiversity and cultural diversity of Ecuador and Latin America, working to improve the adverse conditions that afflict many communities throughout the country. In order to achieve our objectives and philosophy, Ecotrackers send volunteers, students and specialists to communities situated in public places where the most important work exists, as well as where both the safety and usefulness of the students or volunteers can be ensured.

Ecotrackers work primarily with Indigenous, farmers, and African-Latino communities situated close to national parks and other publicly protected areas since August 2000. We work alongside other organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, with similar goals to assist people of any gender or age who face the destruction of nature, the extinction of cultures and the many other problems that confront Galapagos, the Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon Rain forest.